Call for Papers | International Congress " Families' experiences and challenges"

Friday, April 22, 2022 - 09:53

The Institute of Family Sciences (ICF) of the Faculty of Human Sciences will organize the 1st edition of the International Congress "Families' experiences and challenges". The event aims to contribute to the understanding of the rich and complex reality of the family, the core of society and the institution of primary integration of the human being.

Based on the dissemination of scientific papers and debate among researchers, it is intended to give shape to a network of knowledge about important experiences and challenges facing families today. It is also intended to contribute, with this know-how, to the definition of an Agenda to support the Family and its development.
Researchers with work in this field are therefore invited to submit proposals for oral and poster presentations that contribute to these objectives. Submissions from the various scientific areas of Family Studies (e.g. Education, Health, Social Work, Law, Sociology, etc.) are welcome, with particular emphasis on Psychology studies.

The thematic areas for paper submission are as follows: 

  • Internal and external dynamics of the family
  • Families' structural and socio-economic issues 
  • Specific need/fragility conditions of families
  • Resources and best practices to support family development

Papers should be submitted by email to until May 30th, 2022.

Call for papers