Research Seminar I

6 ECTS / Semester / English

Objectives: the Seminar aims to be a forum for critical consideration of research in Culture Studies, seeking the theoretical and methodological consolidation in this area. The Seminar is a space for the initial development of the dissertation, as well as for training the presentation of ongoing research and for critical reflection of the project in the disciplinary context of Culture Studies. The opportunity to present and discuss the projects also aims to make participants aware of the need and possibilities of disseminating their work to the wider scientific community.

Competences: research and reading skills will be developed, as well as critical thinking, academic writing and presentation, communication and discussion of research results. The seminar will focus on the reception of the work by peers, namely by stimulating informed and constructive discussion of projects presented by colleagues.


Assistant Professor
She holds a PhD in German Language and Literature from the Portuguese Catholic University and is currently a member of the Faculty Board and Coordinator of…