Health and Illness Psychology

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

The main goals for this course are:

  • explain the interaction between psychosocial factors and health;
  • understand health and illness behaviors considering different theoretical models;
  • select health behavior change strategies based on the previously identified models;
  • understand the stress response and its impact on the etiology and development of medical conditions;
  • identify illness stressors;
  • define illness distress;
  • describe and understand the comorbidity of medical conditions and mental illness;
  • describe and understand the individual and marital impact of medical conditions in adults;
  • describe and understand the individual and familial impact of medical conditions in children and adolescents;
  • identify influence factors in the self-management of medical conditions;
  • apply methods to promote the self-management of medical conditions.


Assistant Professor
Bárbara Nazaré has an integrated master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of…