Cultural Anthropology

4 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The curricular unit aims to:

  • contribute to the humanistic education of the students of Social Work;
  • show the specificity of CA as a Social Science;
  • present culture as a second nature and the human being as both producer and product of culture;
  • highlight the role of culture as a filter in the relationship of the Human Person with her/himself.
  • analyze the interdependence between culture and community life;
  • develop the self-consciousness of the students regarding the internalization of ethnocentric attitudes and stereotypes;
  • analyze the presence of cultural diversity in the Social Worker’s practices.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Social Work by Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Coordinates the Master in Social Work and the Post-Graduation of Evaluation in Programs and Social…
Assistant Professor
PhD in Philosophy (Universidade Católica Portuguesa). Member of the Board of the Faculty of Human Sciences since 2016. Researcher at the CEFi - Research…