Media History

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Teaching objectives: Establish an overview of media developments in relation to several social, political and economic contexts; Analysis of the historical development of different media through the study of their instruments, innovations, forms and journalistic genres; Problematize the formation, extension and massification of public opinion and the public sphere.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Sociology of Culture (ICS, University of Lisbon, 2014), researcher and professor in the field of Social Sciences. “The Press and the Empire in…
Free-lance Service Provider
Journalist since 1984, worked in the news agencies ANOP and LUSA and later joined the founding team of the newspaper Público, to which he belonged between…
Assistant Professor
Catarina holds a PhD in Media and Communications (2016) from Goldsmiths - University of London, an MA in Communication and Cultural Industries (2005) and a…