Strategies of communication and consumers' behaviour in Asian markets

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

In present times and context, growingly globalized and in fast and deep change, the knowledge of consumers behavior is essential. This knowledge must be socially and culturally contextualized. It is decisive for the definition of management and marketing strategies to both emergent and consolidated markets, as it is the case in Asia. This curricular unit will provide/discuss with concur behavior patterns and its application to Asian markets. Students will have access, through several case studies (f.e. China, India, Indonesia) to more in-depth theoretical knowledge, as much as to practical examples, on society , culture influence in consumers behavior in several Asian contexts. students will finally have access to the new trends in Asian consumer patters. All this will be applied by students in an exercise of business-building case in a specific market or to a specific consumers type in an Asian context, namely in terms of the luxury markets


Assistant Professor
Assistant Guest Professor at the FCH - Faculty of Human Sciences (UCP – Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon), and Coordinator of the Institute of Oriental…
José Alberto Lopes Costa, economista e doutorado pela Universidade da Extremadura. Sócio gerente da empresa Star Busy – Investimentos e Inovação, Lda…