Portuguese Film

5 ECTs / Semester / English

This course will discuss the filmic production of a selection of female filmmakers who have consolidated their name within the framework of Portuguese and international film, a realm often associated to male directors. Through the filmmakers’ appropriation of and intervention in public and private archives, the films under analysis shed a new light on the past of Portugal to discuss, among others, aspects such as the New State mechanisms of repression, gender roles in the patriarchal system under Salazar’s regime, the Colonial War, and the traces left by the dictatorship on the post-Revolutionary generation. Besides providing students with a representative sample of contemporary Portuguese film, this course will examine the potentialities of mediation processes of audiovisual memory through which filmmakers revisit and rewrite the national past in aesthetic and ideological terms.


Assistant Professor
She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, and she is currently Assistant Professor at FCH/UCP, where she teaches Culture and Globalization, Portuguese Film and…