Performance and Performativity: theories and practice

6 ECTs / Semester / English

The seminar aims to bridge  what has been broadly known as the performative turn in the study of culture with the practice of the performance arts, that is, how the practice has impacted on theory and how the two fields have interacted and shaped themselves mutually. Sessions will take on a genealogical approach while simultaneously exploring the spillover of performance theory into the fields of art, society and politics. The seminar will introduce the student to performance studies and to discuss the importance of the performative turn in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As a multidisciplinary field,  performance studies build from the input of linguistics, ritrual studies, anthropology and theatre. The seminar will acquaint the student with the core performance theories, but will likewise discuss specific performative events, so that the student will be able to contextualize, intrerpret and critique the object of study and  place it comparatively within the larger body of cultural studies..