Fernando Ilharco

Associate Professor

PhD in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, and MBA in Information Management from the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), in Lisbon, Fernando Ilharco is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH) at UCP, President of CEPCEP - Center for the Study of Peoples and Cultures of Portuguese Expression (UCP), Affiliate Researcher at the Collaborative Laboratory DTX - Digital Transformation, Researcher at CECC - Center for the Study of Communication and Culture (UCP) and member of the Scientific Council of FCH. He was Coordinator of the PhD and of the Master programmes in Communication Sciences at FCH. Since 2004 he has supervised more than a hundred master, doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations. He is the author of eight books and about three dozen peer-reviewed research works, individually and in co-authorship, published by academic publishers such as Oxford University Press, Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, Macmillan, De Gruyter, UC Editora, INCM - Casa da Moeda, Principia. His main areas of research are (i) the philosophy of communication and information and (ii) communication and leadership. Among his latest publications are "The Backgroundness of New Media", European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication; “The relevance of media in football coaching: the case of José Mourinho's leadership approach”, Soccer & Society; "Drei Katastrophen/The Three catastrophes/Três catástrofes" in Zielinski, S. and Weibel, P. Flusseriana, German/Portuguese/English, Berlin: Univocal; Pós-Sociedade: a sociedade pós-literária, pós-nacional, pós-democrática e pós-ocidental, Lisboa: INCM