Grad Lab

2 ECTs / Semester / English

GradLabs are designed to improve the academic performance of students through transferable soft skills and practical research competencies. Organized into different
workshops, the GradLabs aim at providing students with the instruments necessary to develop autonomous research in the Humanities and to succeed in their individual research projects.


  • Academic Writing (16 sessões de 1.5h)
  • Time Management (3 sessões de 1.5h)
  • Publishing Strategies + Database Research (3 sessões de 1.5h)
  • Presentation Skills (2 sessões de 1.5h)


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the FCH. She graduated and received her PhD in Psychology, specialization in Vocational Psychology, at the University of Minho, with the…
Assistant Professor
Following her PhD in Translation History, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies between 2014 and 2016. Her…
Assistant Professor
Joana Moura currently teaches Academic English (Grad Labs) in the International MA/PhD programs in Culture Studies at UCP and teaches English in the MA…