Media Writing

5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese
The curricular unit provides students with a general introduction to the tools and practice of media production. The program enhances the fundamental principles that have to be taken into account in communication practices. This develops the bases of the different forms of media communication, emphasising writing, and how this has to conform to the practices of each media and media format. Due to the hybridism of contemporary media, urging the simultaneous use of different forms of communication, the curricular unit develops the founding elements of written, oral and visual communication. Students should finish the seminar prepared with the basic knowledge for development in other curricular units.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Social Sciences, ICS/UL (2010). Present research areas: in individual projects, History of advertising in Portugal; the crowd in Portuguese…
Associate Professor
Associate Professor at the FCH – Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP, where he has lectured since 1993, the year when he obtained his PhD in Hispanic Languages and…
Assistant Professor
PhD in Communication Sciences by Catholic University of Portugal, she has been professor at the same institution since 2020. Researcher at the Research Centre…