30 ECTS / Semester / English
With this UC it is intended that students acquire and develop knowledge and skills that allow them to plan, carry out and evaluate their own research project, integrated in the curricular plan of the course leading to the master´s degree. According to EuroPsy guidelines, it is intended to lead students to deepen their knowledge on a specific and relevant topic in the scientific area of specialization, to develop skills of critical review of scientific literature on that topic, to formulate research questions, to design a research plan, to select appropriate methodologies and instruments, to build quantitative or qualitative databases, to collect, organize, analyze and discuss that data and to write a report according to APA standards. It is also intended to develop communication skills and scientific argumentation, written and oral.


Associate Professor
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH) of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP).  She coordinates the Careers Office at FCH-UCP and the…