BA in Philosophy, Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Citizenship and a Master's Degree in Political Science and International Relations, at the Catholic University of Portugal, he is Assistant Professor at the FCH - Faculty of Human Sciences, the UCP – Catholic University of Portugal and Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science at the College Manuel Bernardes. A researcher at the Philosophy Studies Center (CEFi) of the UCP; "Ano Vieirino of 2008" Secretary-General; former teacher/trainer of primary and secondary school teachers on education for citizenship and education and values, his main areas of academic interest are Knowledge and Law Philosophy, Political Science and Citizenship and the study of Portuguese Philosophy with a particular focus on the thought of Father Antonio Vieira, Fernando Pessoa, Agostinho da Silva and Eudoro de Sousa, areas where he has taught, researched and published. He is currently preparing his PhD in Philosophy.