Research Methods and Techniques for the Social Sciences

5.5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The objectives are: to convey the specific language of social sciences and to initiate students in the different steps to scientific procedures; To lead them to develop a critical and reflective perspective on social reality from a scientific perspective. The program enables students to: Formulate a research problem from a social sciences point of view and undertake an epistemological rupture or break. Understand the importance of theory in the construction of the scientific object, in particular the role of both concepts and hypothesis in the construction of conceptual frameworks and theoretical models. Develop competences in source research and collection, in particular bibliographic research (using resources such as the On-Line Knowledge Library – B-On). Define the most appropriate methodological approach to the object of study under construction. Learn how to choose, build and apply data collection and analysis tools according to the research goals as well as the other steps in the scientific method. Lean how to elaborate and write a final research report.


Assistant Professor
With a PhD in Digital Media within the University of Texas at Austin / Portugal Colab, Campos is an assistant professor at the Portuguese Catholic University…