Anne Dröge

“If you are the kind of person that likes to broaden their horizon in any way possible, the Master in Communication Sciences is for you. The fact that every student has a different academic and cultural background makes for great discussions in the classroom and of course moving to Lisbon, learning Portuguese and diving into the local culture will be a life changing experience in itself. The decision to study at Católica in Lisbon has opened up many doors for me and I would do it again every time.”

Gabriela Ruiz

“The FCH Master’s Degree in Communication Studies is distinctive for its teaching staff, who not only welcome students but also support them throughout their academic and professional training and development, as well as their personal growth. Choosing this Master’s Degree was a step that I had always considered taking and it turned to be very much the right decision. It offered me a unique learning environment that enabled me to exchange knowledge with different people from all around the world but with ambitions very similar to my own.”

Helena Cruz Ventura

“It has been utterly crucial for my Communication Studies Master’s being in the Faculty of Human Sciences. All the faculty have been helpful and restless, always bearing in mind our success and always helping us to exceed our own expectations. Additionally, they constantly appeal to our sense of curiosity, contributing to an eager learning process and positively reinforcing our effort, making all the experience worthy. It is an ongoing challenge in the best sense possible. I hope I can contribute to the Scientific Community in Communication Studies in the same way they contribute to my academic, scientific, personal and professional growth every day.”

João Morais

"The Master’s Degree in Communication Studies at Católica offers students the opportunity to learn more about the global world we find ourselves in, but above all, it allows the exercise of self-knowledge and personal reflection, which is essential to better understand the complexity of human relationships.

More than endowing me with the skills necessary to my professional life, Católica shall always remain the place where, through work and dedication, ideas became certainties and dreams became realities. It is an investment of value for all time."

Luong Kieu Trang

"Being a part of the Internet and New Media course within the Master’s Degree in Communication Studies program at UCP is one of the best choices that I have ever made in my entire academic career. I started this course with a graphic design background, wondering if I could finish the course since this is totally new to me. However, I have found this as a perfect combination with what I have studied before. The course has provided me a comprehensive picture of the modern world, along with a set of theoretical and logical thinking paradigms that has enabled me to reach further in the future.”

Pedro Azevedo

“When I graduated from Law School, I realised that my future would not be bound up with courts and laws but rather in something that would make me feel truly fulfilled – communication.

To choose Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Faculdade de Ciências Humanas is to choose prestige, quality and excellence and to make an investment that ensures I stand out in the labour market. It is to choose personalised teaching where the rapport between colleagues and teachers fosters cooperation, mutual assistance and the sharing of knowledge among all. To choose Católica is to choose to be certain: of the Master’s Degree, of the university and of my future!”

Rita Vieira

“After the excellent teaching I received as an undergraduate, taking my Master’s Degree at FCH was the next logical  step. Commitment, professionalism and availability are the keywords this institution represents and which, each and every day, ensure I feel I have made the very best decision for my future.”

Vicente Lourenço

“Universidade Católica Master’s Degree in Communication Studies has helped me to grasp the role of the media in 21st-century society. Furthermore, the programme has proven vital to the development of skills such as my ability for critical thinking, writing and imagination – all crucial components for success in the field of journalism.”


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