Two Doctoral Research Scholarship in Culture Studies (UIDB2022.4/00126/2020)



One PhD Scholarship in Communication Sciences (UIDB2022.1/00126/2020)



One PhD Scholarship in Culture Studies (UIDB2022.2/00126/2020)






Job Vacancy: Junior Doctoral Researcher in Culture Studies or Literary Studies (ref. UID/ELT/00126/2021-CECC/1)




Job Vacancy: Junior Doctoral Researcher in Communication Sciences (ref. UID/ELT/00126/2021-CECC/2)



One PhD Scholarship in Culture Studies - Faculty of Human Sciences (UIDB2021.3/00126/2021)




Three PhD Scholarships in Communication Sciences - Faculty of Human Sciences (UIDB2021.1/00126/2020)




Two PhD Scholarships in Culture Studies - Faculty of Human Sciences (UIDB2021.2/00126/2020)