PhD in Social Sciences, specializing in Social Policy, from the University of Lisbon. He also holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Policy and Management from ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Administration from the Technical University of Lisbon, a Bachelor´s degree in Social Security at the International Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (ISPI) and has completed the FORGEP course - Public Management Training Programs at the Portuguese National Administration Institute. His work has focused on the social protection policy field, essentially carrying out studies and analyses and designing, modernizing, monitoring and evaluating measures and programs in senior technical, coordination and management positions in the public sector and, consequently, as a member of different national and international committees and representative bodies. He has also volunteered in local, community-based social development actions and activities to promote social cohesion and sustainable development. In the academic field, currently he is an assistant professor at the School of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), where he teaches since 2000, and researcher at the CRC-W (Catolica Research Centre for Psychological, Family and Social Wellbeing) da UCP. He has authored and co-authored articles and other publications and has spoken at conferences and other forums in the social policy field.