Inês Espada Vieira

Assistant Professor

Inês Espada Vieira (Lisbon, 1975) has a B.A. in Portuguese Studies from the UCP - Catholic University of Portugal (1998), a Master's Degree in Comparative Literature from the Nova University of Lisbon (2004) and a PhD in Culture Studies from the UCP (2010). She has taught at the Faculty of Human Sciences since the academic year of 2000/2001. From 2011 until 2016, she was coordinator of the Undergraduate degree in Applied Foreign Languages and from 2012 to 2016 was a member of the faculty's board. IInês Espada Vieira is a researcher in CECC - the Research Centre for Communication and Culture Studies as a member of the research group Media Narratives and Cultural Memory. She belongs to the advisory board of the journal Artes del Ensayo. She was the executive coordinator of the institutional presence of Portugal as the invited country at the Spanish book fair, LIBER, in Barcelona 2002. She has published papers on contemporary Portuguese and Spanish culture and literature. As a translator, besides academic and cultural dissemination articles in Portuguese and Spanish, she has translated novels and essays, such as by A. Pascual, O Haiku das Palavras Perdidas [The Haiku of the Lost Words] (Gradiva, 2011), by E. Salavisa, Diários de Viagem 2, Desenhadores-viajantes [Travel Journals 2: Travelling Sketchers. Bilingual edition in Portuguese and Spanish] (Quimera, 2014), and by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis, Corrupção e pecado seguido de Sobre a acusação de si mesmo [Corruption and Sin followed by On Self Accusation] (Gradiva, 2014).

Book Chapter

Voices, Whispers and Silence: Translating Defeat and Building Memories of the Spanish Civil War and Francoism

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Intelectuais, modernidade e memória




Gonzalo Torrente Ballester: Memory of an Uncomformist


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How Do We Measure Disaster? How Do We Ensure Security? The 2011 Lorca Earthquake in the Media

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