Gonçalo Dias

University professor
Dalian University of Foreign Languages (RPC)
Master in Asian Studies

“The Master’s Degree in Asian Studies constitutes an absolutely decisive experience. This program, somewhat like the image of Asia, is characterised by the diversity of its intrinsic capacity to generate returns. I have the pleasure to engage with colleagues from the most varied fields of study and the teaching staff that foster interdisciplinary dialogues, converging within a stimulating learning environment that provides all the tools so that we are now and into the future able to intervene in, for, about or from Asia.”

Zhou Shenglan

Master in Asian Studies

“What most captivated me in the Asian Studies Master’s Degree was the fact that this serves as a platform for cultural exchanges between myself, my colleagues and the professors. Studying Asia from a non-Asian perspective is highly interesting. The conjunction of a program of seminars and teaching staff of this calibre alongside the wealth of background experience of each student ensures the great academic value of this program and made me feel that coming from China to attend the program was the right choice.”


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