Gonçalo Dias

University professor
Dalian University of Foreign Languages (RPC)
Master in Asian Studies

“The Master’s Degree in Asian Studies constitutes an absolutely decisive experience. This program, somewhat like the image of Asia, is characterised by the diversity of its intrinsic capacity to generate returns. I have the pleasure to engage with colleagues from the most varied fields of study and the teaching staff that foster interdisciplinary dialogues, converging within a stimulating learning environment that provides all the tools so that we are now and into the future able to intervene in, for, about or from Asia.”

Kristin Schacherer

1st Year Student

“A year ago, after completing my degree in Germany, I searched for a Master’s degree where I could learn more about Asia. Since I did not have a background that focused on this area during my undergraduate degree, it was not possible for me to remain in Germany.
Fortunately, I decided to spend a year in Portugal before resuming my studies and discovered the Master’s degree in Asian Studies at FCH-Católica, which quickly caught my attention for being exactly what I wished to study. So far, the degree has exceeded my expectations and I could not have chosen better!”

Luciane Yasawa

1st Year Student

“I came to Lisbon to attend the Master’s Degree in Asian Studies with many expectations, and this degree has surpassed them. In it, I found a diverse and challenging environment, with proposals for debate that lead to reflection and invite us to leave old notions behind and to look at Asia as it is. As a Brazilian student of Japanese descent, it has been very interesting to follow the discussions from both perspectives and the experience has certainly proved to be very enriching.”  


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