Professor Nelson Ribeiro has part in IPIE, an organization that aims to address the threat of misinformation on a global level

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 18:22

Professor Nelson Ribeiro, FCH professor, and researcher at the CECC - Research Centre for Communication and Culture, is a member of IPIE - International Panel on the Information Environment, an international organization based in Switzerland, which aims to deal with the threat of misinformation on a global level.

The organization’s official launch will unveil new research findings from two soon-to-be-released original IPIE reports: Global Information Environment Trends 2023: An Expert Survey, a report that summarizes the hopes and fears of analysts working around the world; and Platform Responses to Misleading Information, a multi-disciplinary synthesis that evaluates over 4,500 scientific research papers produced by investigators from every continent.

Sheldon Himelfarb, IPIE co-founder and executive director of the IPIE Secretariat, stresses that “grounded in science, our ongoing work is dedicated to equipping those responsible for driving global change with the actionable knowledge needed to counteract the global and existential threat posed by the widespread manipulation of our world’s information environment.”

Professor Nelson Ribeiro, IPIE affiliated researcher, says that "throughout history, the manipulation of information has served to justify atrocities and create narratives that contribute to the end of regimes, to put people at risk and to spread hatred and incite war. It is urgent to study and limit the circulation of disinformation online, at a time when the threat is growing given the almost unlimited capacity of artificial intelligence systems to create false information.”

This organization, created as part of the Nobel Prize 2021, was independently organized by a group of researchers from around the world and was presented on May 24 at the Nobel Prize Summit 2023 in Washington DC.