Luís Simões Loureiro

Free-lance Service Provider
Lecturer at the FCH – Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP – Catholic University of Portugal. Researcher in the field of Radio Studies and a communications consultant. Alongside his research and teaching activities, he is responsible for the development of communications training programs for public and private entities. Undertaking his doctoral degree in Communication Sciences at ISCSP – University of Lisbon, he is a Communications and Media member of CAPP - Centre of Administration and Public Policies. He gives speeches at events in the communications fields and is a founding member of the Radio and Sound Channels Study Group at Sopcom. He is a guest professor at UFRN - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil, at ISCSP-UL, at ISEG-UL and at UBI- University of Beira Interior. He graduated in Communications and Marketing before beginning his professional career at Rádio Renascença as a presenter before becoming RFM Director of Programs and Director of Production for Renascença Canal 1. In addition to the Renascença group, he has carried out professional activities at RTP, TVI, Intervoz, FUN Comunicação and Sporting Clube de Portugal as a member of the Strategic Board. A training specialist in communication competences, he develops specialist Media Training programs, consults on communications and the media, prepares speakers, and trains executives in managing organisational time/stress and planning strategic events.