Bruno Barrocas de Jesus

Free-lance Service Provider
Degree in Journalism from ESCS-IPL – the Higher School of Social Communication, the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon and gained his Master's Degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies from ISCTE – the Higher Institute of Employment and Business Sciences, the University Institute of Lisbon. He completed an Advanced Postgraduate Course in Science, Technology and Communications, from the ICS-UL – the Institute of Social Sciences, the University of Lisbon and is currently CEO of Absolutauge, where he also performs functions of author, director, producer and journalist in a number of shows for several national television channels. He is also an Instructor at ETIC – the School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation. In the past, he was Coordinator of the RTP TV show Magazine 2010, and also worked at other production companies, where he created numerous TV show concepts.