Psychology Students' Journeys bring together work by students from all cycles

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 14:50
jornadas psicologia 2

The 4th edition of the FCH-UCP Psychology Students' Journeys took place on 9 November, a biennial event that aims to promote knowledge sharing between students and alumni of the various Psychology study cycles.

Throughout the day, some of the work carried out during the 2022/2023 academic year, which obtained a minimum mark of 16, was presented as part of a course related to the area of study. The students thus have the opportunity "to put their knowledge dissemination skills into practice", as described on the Journeys' official website. Margarida Marques, a 2nd-year student on the Master's Degree in Psychology of Well-being and Health Promotion, says that the Journeys allowed her to "explore an area of intervention that, until the preparation of the project [she presented], hadn't considered as a future career possibility".

In this 4th edition, the students had the opportunity to take part in the organization of this event, together with the Psychology Professors. "As the person responsible for the website and an active participant in the event, being part of the Journeys team was a unique and enriching opportunity," says Francisca Sarmento, a 3rd-year Psychology student.

Gonçalo Sales, also an alumnus of the Psychology undergraduate degree and current student in the Master's program in Psychology in Business and Economics, says that taking part in these conferences "reflects the culmination of my degree at FCH. It was a privilege to be an integral part of this community and to make my active contribution to this extremely engaging hub of science that is Psychology." This sentiment is also shared by student João Pedro Paz, with the same academic background: "At the Psychology Students' Journeys I had the incredible opportunity to broaden my knowledge and share my scientific work over the last three years of my degree."

There were 12 students who exhibited their academic work at the event on topics as varied as bereavement, psychological disorders, the impact of sleep, or sustainable eating, for example. Catarina Costa, a 3rd-year Psychology student and moderator of one of the panels, confirms that "the 4th edition of the Psychology Students' Jouneys was, without a doubt, a memorable day of socializing and sharing knowledge". Francisca Sarmento, on the other hand, takes back to her "academic and professional life a sense of fulfillment that encourages [her] to take part in new initiatives and projects".