NEW BOOK: A Rádio musical no panorama ibérico. Estratégias e dinâmicas de Comunicação

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 10:53

by Rita Curvelo

Published by Media XXI

CECC_A Rádio Musical no Panorama Ibérico. Estratégias e dinâmicas de Comunicação

This volume book provides a general contextualization of the medium of radio and its audiences, exploring particular aspects at the heart of the most successful morning prime-time radio shows: the voice and personality of the hosts and other DJs, the crucial role of on-air humour, as well as the role of language and sound effects.

The author analyzes in depth the two most popular morning shows on the leading music radio stations in Portugal and Spain, describing their brand, positioning, typical audiences, teams, personality and language registers, production routines, contents, sounds, comedy sections, competitions, and the presence, or branching out, of these programmes on the internet and social media.