FCH OpenSessions 2021/2022

Friday, March 5, 2021 - 19:30

As part of the opening of the Master's and Doctoral Degrees applications for 2021/2022, the Faculty of Human Sciences promotes the annual OpenSessions where potential students learn more about our programs and clarify all doubts related to the curriculum and the admissions process.

Registration for FCH OpenSessions is free, but mandatory.

Find our calendar for 2021/2022 below:

January 27 | 17:00 (WET) Master in Communication Studies Registration closed

March 11 | 17:00 (WET)

Master and PhD in Communication Studies

Registration closed
April 15 | 15:30 (WET)

Master in Psychology in Business and Economics

Registration closed
April 20 | 18:00 (WET) Master in Translation Registration closed
April 21 | 17:30 (WET)

Master in Psychology of Wellbeing and Health Promotion

Registration closed

April 21 | 18:00 (WET)

Master in Culture Studies

Registration closed

April 22 | 18:00 (WET)

Master in Portuguese as a Foreign Language/Second Language

Registration closed

April 28 | 18:00 (WET)

Master in Family Studies

Registration closed
May 4 | 17:00 (WET)

Master and PhD in Communication Studies

Registration closed
May 5 | 17:30 (WET)

Master in Social Work

Registration closed
May 28 | 18:00 (WET)

Master in Asian Studies

Registration closed