CECC researchers further afield: Serena Cacchioli @ Morocco

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 - 12:52


CECC researcher Serena Cacchioli has won a research scholarship in translation from the programme “Levée d’encres: une exploration des voix à traduire en Méditerranée”.

Granted by ATLAS, an association dedicated to the promotion of literary translation, and which coordinates the activities of the Collège International des Traducteurs littéraires (CITL), the scholarship seeks to further ATLAS’ aim of finding as yet undiscovered voices in French Moroccan literature and to translate them into Mediterranean languages. Translators are given the opportunity of taking part in a scientific residency program in France or abroad, during which they are able to conduct their research and build a portfolio of new authors to be translated, which is later presented to publishing houses.

As for Serena Cacchioli, the target language will be Italian and her residency will take place in Tangier and Rabat, Morocco, between 13 October and 3 November 2022.

More information about the programme may be consulted here.