Italian Language II

2.5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Further development of oral and written skills shall be made through listening, writing, reading exercises, debates and "role play" activities. Features of Italian culture and reality will also be introduced throughout the semester. Course objectives are based on the following: the understanding of sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate interest (family, shopping, geography, work, etc.) communication in simple, routine situations in which the clear and direct exchange of information is required; personal descriptions as well as of the speaker's immediate surroundings; the ability to understand authentic texts of average difficulty, use and application of morpho-syntactic structures, further development of language in speaking and written production. Therefore, the desired level in the Language Reference for Common European Framework is A2.


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences (FCH). He received his doctorate in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese…