Culture and Literary Mediation

6 ECTs / Semester / English

The course aims at showing that the literary experience can enhance the skills needed in the process of interpersonal and intercultural mediation.

The main learning outcome will be an increased interpretative awareness of literary texts  and a concomitant  increased competence in the mediation process.   

Mediation is  intrinsic to the hermeneutic process, and literature provides a unique context  in which to  experience  divergent, contradictory and competing meanings.  Mediation in this sense is not meant as the reaching of a univocal and final meaning, but as the exploration of an array of possibilities that emerge from the interplay between what the reader(s) bring to the text and what the complexities of the text brings to the reader(s). Two levels of mediation will be foregrounded: 1) the emergence of several meanings grounded in the linguistic, rhetorical, stylistic  features of a particular text and 2) the possibility of a dialogue (including conflict) between different readings, deriving from the different questions and assumptions that readers bring to the text.   


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