Post-Doc Lounge - second edition

Monday, November 28, 2022 - 16:23
When preparing a postdoctoral research project, there are many aspects to consider before the writing process even begins. From formulating the topic to inviting possible collaborative partners and selecting the right funding institution, planning a postdoctoral project is a challenge for any researcher. Given the plethora of fellowships and opportunities available in the academic world, choosing the right path is at times overwhelming and, without some guidance, you can easily feel somewhat lost.
The second session of CECC’s Early Career Researcher’s Lounge will be a workshop focusing on how to plan and prepare postdoctoral research projects. To do this, we have invited our researcher Ana Fabíola Maurício to share her practical expertise and knowledge about important aspects to consider when preparing a research project. Emphasis will be given to praxis-oriented tips, including topics such as scheduling, budgeting and timelines; selecting funding institutions and formulating research outcomes and research outputs.
If you are interested in participating, please email detailing your name and current career status (whether you have just finished your PhD and are looking for your first research position or you are an affiliated researcher, for example).
The deadline for enrolment is 9 December.