Prevention, promotion and intervention in health

5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese
With this curricular unit, we aim to provide students with knowledge and skills that allow them to identify and respond to the health needs of the population. Specifically, students will learn the different stages of health intervention planning (e.g., needs assessment, implementation, evaluation), doing practical activities related with each stage. In order for students to recognize the specificities of several contexts, we will provide examples of interventions in different formats (e.g., campaigns, programs, face-to-face and digital interventions) and different areas (e.g., healthy diet promotion, mental health promotion).


Assistant Professor
Bárbara Nazaré has an integrated master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of…
Assistant Professor
Chefe da Divisão de Estilos de Vida Saudável na Direção-Geral da Saúde. Com trabalho e coordenação de projetos nas áreas da Promoção da Saúde, Literacia em…