Ethics and Deontology of Social Work

5 ECTs / Semestral / Portuguese

Development of the course following the concept Social Work as an Human Rights Profession. Development of an ethical sense to the professional intervention, such as: to join  theory and practice trying  to go from a determinist to a holistic understanding of the phenomena; to be informed about structural oppression and its consequences; challenges and limits from relativists theories; to reinforced the importance of  empowerment methodologies; to train the users participation; to be aware about the human needs in the context  of political aspects and the  personal dimension ; to reinforce qualitative research to a better information about the real contexts .Competences: Each student must be able to make choices and to plan  her/his intervention,  with aims and meaning and to put them into practice. Develop practical intervention on  ethical difficulties  answering it  according  the basic values of the profession following the  last global Social Work definition (2014) (Human Rights, Social Justice, collective responsibility and respect for diversities).


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Holder of ungraduate degree in Social Work from the Faculty of Human Sciences and in Religious Sciences from the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic…