Data analysis methods in Psychology

5 ECTs / Semester / English

The main objective of this course is to present complementary methods to the analytical procedures applied in social sciences. Applications are made using Linear Regression, Binary and Multinomial Logistic Regressions as well as Structural Equation Modelling for exploring the relationships between latent constructs. The complex designs of models with moderation and mediation effects are also analysed. The presentation of different methods also involves a more practical/empirical component, constructing analysis situations with the support of an R environment, an open-source software, designed for statistical computing and graphics.


Cláudia Simão was awarded her Ph.D. in Social Psychology by the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL), Lisbon, Portugal. Part of her Ph.D. was conducted at the…
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the FCH. She graduated and received her PhD in Psychology, specialization in Vocational Psychology, at the University of Minho, with the…