Cultural and Creative Industries: theory and practice

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives: To provide students with information about trends in economic and cultural development in Portugal, in Europe and in the world: Creative Industries. From the apocalyptic perspective of the Frankfurt School ('cultural industry'), through to the broader approach of Bernard Miège ('Cultural Industries'), to the British Government initiatives of 1997 ('Creative Industries'), this course aims to critically analyze contemporary society cultural production and its practices. Identified as essential components of national economies, the creative industries are organized in sectors that have moved from the periphery to the inner city and are based on individual and collective talent. Within this framework, the syllabus aims to study different approaches to the subject through the contextual theoretical exploration of some ideas/concepts, such as modernity, metropolis, urbanism, as well as by studying national and international case studies.


Associate Professor
Post-Doctorate in Communication Sciences from the School of Communications and Arts, the University of São Paulo (2015) and Doctoral Degree in the same field…