4 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese
This Unit Program aims to attain three different goals. In the first place, to show that man's reflection about himself and his environment is a permanent feature of the history of the human species, expressed in multifarious ways in culture and science (from mythical thinking to modern neurosciences). In the second place, to give students a clear information on the most important moments of anthropological reflection, either in Philosophy or in the Social and Life Sciences. In the third place, to address the fundamental dimensions of human existence as well as the most relevant historical answers to them, focusing particularly on Contemporary Philosophy, in its dialogue with contemporary knowledge that takes man as its main object of study (Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Neurosciences).


Full Professor
Full Professor at the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP – Catholic University of Portugal. He is also, since June 2013, Director of the Center of…