Isabel Vieira

Assistant Professor
A Social Worker since 1983. Awarded her PhD in Social Services by the UCP – Catholic University of Portugal (2010) where she has lectured in the FCH –Faculty of Human Sciences since 2003, currently on the Undergraduate Degree in Social Services (Social Services III – Core Structures of Social Interventions Internship and Seminar I and II; Territorial and Community Intervention). A Master’s Degree supervisor in the fields of: Social Intervention and Healthcare; Elderly Persons and Active Ageing; Special Education and the Social Inclusion of Children and Young Persons; Interventions in Families and Integrated Social Care; Local Development, Community and Network Interventions. Within the framework of university outreach activities, she also undertakes Pedagogical Supervision with multidisciplinary teams of professionals in Local Government, Local Social Network and Locally Based Associative Movements.