The philosopher Byung-Chul Han was the keynote speaker at the closing conference of FCH's 50th anniversary

Friday, April 14, 2023 - 10:40

Considered one of today's leading philosophers, Byung-Chul Han, professor of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the University of Berlin, was the speaker at another conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of FCH, on April 13.

"Spirit of Hope" was the title of the conference and is the theme of his most recent work, dedicated to reflecting on the dimension of Hope, which according to Byung-Chul Han "is the spirit of an idea that goes beyond what we can imagine. As if it were a dimension of the soul that allows us to be believers in the future."

At the conference, he left the appeal for the Universidade Católica Portuguesa "to become a University of Hope, thus helping in the formation of people, capable of reintroducing this spirit in the world."

During the dinner that followed the conference, Professor Nelson Ribeiro, mentioned that the celebration of 50 years "is a milestone in the life of any institution. It is also the case of the Faculty of Human Sciences, which has reinvented itself at every turn, embracing the winds of change, while keeping hold of its foundational values."

Also at the dinner, and to close up, the Dean of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Isabel Capeloa Gil, thanked all those who throughout the history of the Faculty "have made what it is today. A successful Faculty, a remarkable example of the humanities and social sciences and a studio unit that has always known how to reinvent itself and make history."