CECC's researcher Luísa Santos wins support to edit " The Politics of Silence"

Friday, December 11, 2020 - 18:01

The Politics of Silence is an anthology-book-exhibit about silence as a concept and an essential practise in contemporary visual culture in its relationship with politics. With CECC’s support and researcher Luísa Santos editing work, the edition will be co-financed by DGARTES in 20 thousand euros.

Silence was and is used throughout oppressive regimes to censure and ban challenging ideas, identities and narratives. On the other hand, contemporary artistic practises have shown (let’s remind ourselves of “The Silent University” by Ahmet Ogut) that silence can be a poetic protest, a functional tool, a bargaining exchange coin and a powerful resistance means. The editorial methodology of this book-exhibit is rooted in research applied through artistic practise and in a critical analysis of these same practises in a transdisciplinary and transcultural approach to foster new knowledge instead of just reaching a consensus.

More precisely, this edition will be based on the production of texts and of artist’s and author’s work that represent nowadays a diversity of perspectives and voices that define what art (and life) is.