Psychological Assessment in Health

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

1. To know and understand the specific issues of psychological assessment in health settings. 2. To identify targets and domains of evaluation in specific situations and settings and to select appropriate methods and tools. 3. Conduct clinical interviews targeting different goals. 4. To understand the role of screening tools, to understand their characteristics, to analyze their results and suggest appropriate actions. 5. To understand the framework underlying the concepts associated to positive wellbeing and to suggest assessment indicators and tools. 6. To know the domains, indicators and some tools for the assessment of different domains, situations and settings with relevance in health psychology. 7. To administer and score some assessment tools and analyze the results. 8. To analyze assessment data for case conceptualization and intervention planning purposes. 9. To write psychological reports.


Assistant Professor
Ana Rita Goes holds graduate and doctoral degrees in Psychology (in Clinical Psychology and in Health Psychology) from the University of Lisbon. She also…
Assistant Professor
Bárbara Nazaré has an integrated master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of…