Investigative Journalism

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Investigative Journalism (Eduardo Cintra Torres)

Understand the social role of investigative journalism in a free society. Identify structural and cyclical constraints to its development. Recognize the collective construction process of investigative journalism Identify the ethical goals to its practice. Recognize the legal boundaries of performance. Understand how large is the scope of its usage within all editorial areas of a newsroom. Measure the technical difficulties of journalistic arguments in these processes. Know and integrate some of the best known case studies in this area in Portugal and abroad.

Investigative Journalism (João Rocha)

From case studies, contribute to the knowledge of what investigative journalism is and the issues it raises.
Reflect on the working methods of investigative journalism and ethical boundaries.
Promote a space for initiation to journalistic practice.
Develop research skills.


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Assistant Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal. Researcher at CECC in the same Faculty. PhD in Sociology (ICS-UL) ( 2010…
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Journalist since 1984, worked in the news agencies ANOP and LUSA and later joined the founding team of the newspaper Público, to which he belonged between…