Great Books

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The course will explore the vast and diversified corpus of the western traditional canon through a selection of works that continue to influence contemporary life. It aims at teaching how to read the world in a critical and plural way. As a theoretical-practical discipline within the framework of subjects that provide additional education in the B.A. in Social and Cultural Communication it fulfills a general formative role in the preparation of future professionals who will work in the area of media and cultural relations providing them with a cultural framework.

The course aims at fostering the critical competence of reading and interpreting texts, promoting not only interdisciplinary relations and historical, social, political, literary and cultural contextualization, but also the development of competences in argumentation and in oral and written expression.


Associate Professor
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences (since 2016). PhD in Translation Studies awarded by the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica…