Luísa Leal de Faria

Full Professor
Full Professor in the FCH - Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP - the Catholic University of Portugal, where she served as Vice-Rector between 2004 and 2012. She graduated in Germanic Philology from the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, where she was also awarded the degree of Doctor with the Aggregate title status. She remained with the Faculty of Letters where she developed her academic career through to 2004. She served as General Higher Education Subdirector, National Coordinator of the European Língua and Sócrates Programs, Vice-President of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Letters, Director of the Department of English Studies, Faculty of Letters, among other academic positions. She currently lectures various curricular units on the Undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral Degree programs at the FCH, UCP and undertakes research primarily within the field of Culture Studies.

The wonders of common things

Luísa Leal de Faria (with Leal De Faria, L.). 2003. Cahiers Victoriens and Edouardiens