Introduction to Social Policy

4 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese
  • To distinguish the most relevant proposals of social policy definition as a scientific field and to characterize the difficulties of its conceptualization
  • To identify and understand the main normative dimensions and perspectives in social policy
  • To know and characterize the welfare structure and social production means in modern societies
  • To characterize the main landmarks of the development of welfare state and to understand its core principles and ways of action, as well as the main welfare regimes in Europe
  • To identify and characterize evidence of welfare state crisis and re-structuration trends in institutional and social mechanisms of the welfare system
  • To characterize the social and economic context of the new social question and to know present perspectives on the future of the welfare state and of social rights.
  • To contribute to the development of students' competences within the framework of Social Work intervention within the scope of Social Policy, with particular emphasis on the possibilities and methods of influence of social policies (policy practice).


Associate Professor
Associate professor at UCP – the Catholic University of Portugal. He gained a PhD in Social Work (specialisation: social policy and social movements) in 2001. He…