Graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy, UCP in 1968, and in Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Gregorian University (Rome), in 1974 and a Doctoral Degree awarded by ISCTE-IUL – the Higher Institute of Work and Company Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon, in 1987. Aggregated in Political Sociology by the same University in 1992 and approved by public tender as Research Coordinator at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon in 1994. Full Guest Professor at the FCH, UCP (since 1992). Director of the Department of Communications Science, FCH (1994-1997). Assistant Director and Coordinator of Communication Sciences at this Faculty since 1999. Board member of the Institute of Political Studies (since 1997) and professor on the Master's Degree in Political Theory and Science (since 1997). Director of the UCP Integrated Institute of Support for Scientific Research (1993-2000). UCP Rector (2000-2012). Corresponding member of the Portuguese Academy of History (since 1991). Member of the UCP Scientific Society (since 1994) and a member of the Board (1998-2001). President of the Portuguese Association of Political Science (1998-2001). Member of the National Commission of Justice and Peace (between 1993 and 2002). President of the Board of Evaluation for Private University Teaching and member of the National Board of Higher Education Evaluation (1999-2000). Member of the Higher Education Consultancy Board (since 2003).