Richard Staats is a Medical doctor with a PhD in medicine from the Lisbon Medical School. He is specialized in Internal Medicine and Pneumology. He has a subspecialisation in Sleep Medicine by the German Medical Board since 2006 and by the Portuguese Medical Board in Sleep Medicine since 2015.
He is somnologist by the German Association of Sleep Research since 2006 and expert somnologist of the European Sleep Research Society since 2013.
Lecturer at the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine since 2008, member of the sleep working group education council ERS board of sleep medicine.
He is the coordinator of the sleep laboratory of the department of Pneumololgy, CHULN, head of the European Sleep Apnea Database (ESADA) project in Lisbon/Portugal since 2011 and more recently the Portuguese Lisbon head for the European Project Sleep Revolution.
25 publications in PubMed, 6 books/book chapters, Editor of 2 books. > 50 international communications.
Main research interests are the relationship between sleep/sleep disturbances and the cardio-vascular, metabolic and immune system. He is also investigating the influence of the environment on sleep and sleep disorders.