Generic Bio

PhD candidate at UCP-FCH since Sep/2015, Ana Paula teaches graduate and postgraduate courses in FCH-UCP Lisbon (since Sep/2017) and UCP-FFCS Braga (since Jan / 2019). Researcher at CECC, she is currently a member of the Digital Literacy and Cultural Change group. Her main research areas are immersive narratives and new media. She is the author of publications on non-fictional immersive narratives in digital media, which is the subject of her PhD research.

Degree and Master’s Degree in Arts and Design at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), with the research “e-learning design: a space under construction”.

More than twenty years of experience in managing e-learning projects for companies, as well as designing content for various media – websites, e-learning, mobile self-care and desktop self-care – in addition to extensive management experience of self-care projects in Telecommunications.