Themes of Psychoanalysis

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The course aims to provide analysis and critical commentary on Sigmund Freud’s work Civilization and its Discontents. The lectures will begin with an introduction to the main psychoanalytical concepts necessary to a correct understanding of this book: unconscious, super-ego, Oedipus Complex, life instinct and death instinct, primary and secondary processes. With this Unit, we intend to highlight the relevance of Psychoanalysis to the understanding of the origins of civilization and culture, as well as to put in evidence the anthropological presuppositions that underlie Freud’s analysis. The understanding of this work will enable the students not only to make an acquaintance with Psychoanalysis as a theory of culture, but also to gather a number of conceptual tools that will improve their understanding of social and cultural reality in the beginning of the XXIst century.


Full Professor
Full Professor at the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP – Catholic University of Portugal. He is also, since June 2013, Director of the Center of…