Research Colloquium I

6 ECTs / Semester / English

The Research Colloquium is a forum of critical consideration of research in Culture Studies. It aims at theoretical and methodological consolidation in this area of knowledge. Moreover it provides a space for initial development of the final project to be developed for concluding the MA program, and an opportunity for presenting research (undertaken or ongoing) by participants and of critical consideration of students’ projects in the framework of Culture Studies.

The Colloquium further aims at monitoring the progress of students’ projects in their different phases of development. The opportunity to present and discuss beginning and ongoing projects aims at raising awareness among participants for the need and the possibilities do disseminate their work within a larger scientific community.


Full Professor
Full Professor in the FCH - Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP - the Catholic University of Portugal, where she served as Vice-Rector between 2004 and 2012. She…