Philosophical Anthropology

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese
This curricular unit aims to provide students with the main themes and questions that qualify Philosophical Anthropology, enabling them to become aware of the conceptual network of this unit and increase their analytical, critical and reflexive skills related to the main models. Hence, the objectives and abilities are: To recognize the specificity of Philosophical Anthropology (PA) regarding the other human science fields; To deepen the different theories that explain PA and its main concepts; To analyse the implications of the different PA paradigms; To comment on some of the masterpieces in the philosophic tradition, from the classics to the contemporary; to raise the awareness of the link between theory and practice; To identify knowledge about the personal universe; To promote critical reflection.


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences in the Portuguese Catholic University since 2015. Member of to the Philosophy Studies Centre and member…