Methodology of the Scientific Work

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

This curricular unit aims, in the first place, to lead students to a reflection on the nature of philosophical work and the philosophical text in which it culminates. Secondly, it aims to stimulate a reflection on the procedures proper to philosophical thinking (style of argument, reflective character, discussion of problems), in contrast to those of the arts - particularly literature - and those of the sciences. Thirdly, it aims to provide students with a set of tools (choice of the work theme, selection of the sources, structure and internal organization of the work, use of technical terms, processes to quote, etc.) indispensable for the preparation of an academic assignment, a monograph or a journal paper.


Full Professor
Full Professor at the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences, UCP – Catholic University of Portugal. He is also, since June 2013, Director of the Center of…