Infographics and Webdesign

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The Infographics and Webdesign curricular unit aims to demonstrate the fundamental tools and techniques for building Web interfaces and digital infographics. Developing methodologies, tools and applications analysis, supplemented with practical work, this seeks to develop student technical, innovative and creative skills. Students should be able to: a) Plan a digital project; b) Be familiarized with website and interactive infographics production process; c) Master the tools and languages to build Web interfaces; d) Be skilled with digital design; e) Reveal competences in communicating through visual information; f) Demonstrate abilities to collect, aggregate and validate data; g) Develop creative capabilities; h) Search for technical solutions.


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BA in Communication Sciences and a Master's Degree in New Media from the Nova University of Lisbon with a Magna Cum Laude honor distinction. Currently a PhD…